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Clinical Pharmacology

When you are looking for a partner who is dedicated to Phase I trials and early development, rely on Cantran. We accelerate your molecule from first-in-human (FIH) to proof of concept (POC), helping you make critical decisions earlier. Whatever clinical pharmacology study you require, you can expect a fully integrated program, from study design to data reporting.

Cantran has the experience and expertise to seamlessly deliver your studies with the highest quality service and speed. If you need a fully integrated solution, including data management, data analysis, statistics, and medical writing, Cantran is your answer.


Clinical Trial Manufacturing

Understanding that early-phase clinical testing is a pivotal milestone in the development of your drug product, Cantran offers clinical trial manufacturing, testing, and certification services designed to meet your individual requirements. Our innovative method of building integrated Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) programs provides a streamlined, flexible approach to drug product supply that reflects your clinical study design and timeline. We understand the time and cost pressures you face during early-phase evaluation and work with you to ensure a rapid, seamless path from development to clinical trial supply.

We understand your need to move rapidly through clinical trial design and development to have built the capability to efficiently scale up drug product manufacturing processes to meet the demands of global clinical and patient supply requirements.

Commercial Manufacturing

Entran manufactures a range of simple to complex dosage forms, with a track record of working with higher-value products that may require lower batch sizes in the market, such as those for oncology therapies, orphan drugs/rare diseases, and pediatric indications.

We offer commercial manufacturing solutions tailored to specific product and market needs. Rather than dictating minimum batch sizes, we partner with our customers to offer flexible and versatile manufacturing space, resources, and scheduling to accommodate the needs of each individual project.


Drug Development Consulting

Our Drug Development Consultants work with you to design and implement successful drug development programs. With industry leading scientific expertise across a range of technical disciplines, we help customers across all stages of development, from candidate selection to commercial launch.

Our consultants have a proven track-record of cutting across industry silos to reduce the time and cost of development. With hands-on development experience across hundreds of drug molecules and product types, we’ll help you avoid critical pitfalls, manage risks and maximise the potential for success.

Drug Substance Development & Manufacturing

We provide drug substance synthesis and manufacturing capabilities from candidate selection through to commercial production. With our tactical deployment of best-in-class technologies, we minimize chemistry costs and move your drug substance supply off the critical path.

Our streamlined approach to developing drug substances has been shown to reduce manufacturing costs by 50% from pre-clinical to Phase I. To best support our customers’ needs, we have made significant investments in technologies and equipment to meet the increasing demand for complex small-scale drug substance manufacturing.

Our Expertise

Get an insight to what we ofeer at the Entran Pharmaceutical company

01. Inhaled Drug Development

With integrated capabilities and vast knowledge of nasal and pulmonary delivery, We can help accelerate molecules from first-in-human through to proof-of-concept and into full development for inhaled drug products.

02. Oncology Drug Development

Innovation in oncology treatments is leading to improved outcomes for patients. We support oncology drug development from candidate selection through to commercial manufacture and supply.

03. Orphan Drug Development

New milestones are being made in the research, diagnosis, and treatment of rare diseases (orphan diseases) that impact small patient populations.

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